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Nvculke Wvlt Tvluen Mvnv Pumpeyv
News regarding Natchez Nation Council and EMMH, Inc. Board meeting(s) can be found right here in a short-report; minutes copies at the tribal office.  Current Notes (June) 

We continue to update records.  Come to the office and volunteer, your help is needed and requested

All-out fundraising activities and grantwriting are approved toward increasing budget(s).  We will continue all programs, projects activities.  EMMH Corporate Articles and bylaws were amended in March 2018 to include projects with "all indigenous nations."  Use of the ancient logo was also approved.  It is the "2 Bird" design at the top of each of our website pages.

Medicine Springs Ceremonial Ground is slated to start activities this season.  Although they have annual grants, there will be need for help with the many things necessary for the ground; to find various things. All previous members of Medicine Springs are asked to update their address and phone information with the ground by contacting the tribal office or Medicine Springs Cunv/Chief, Mark Six.  Stay tuned.

Now is the time to get involved with Natchez Nation toward the great things that are being proposed or are already in action. Working TOGETHER in consensus, with family and humility is the key toward both preservation and progress.  Please contact your principal clan mothers or the tribal office with your good ideas.  We are still working on language and economic development grants.  Add your ideas.
Cenkololo !!


Your tax deductible contributions are VERY important and necessary.  

Much of our work for individuals, families and communities is gratis (free).  You ask, we send out a work crew.  Our work is IMPORTANT for the continuation of our language and culture.  PLEASE consider donating now and as often as you are able.  Help to support tribal programs and projects.  Use PayPal or mail to our account at the bank.  Just call the tribal office numbers.  The email associated with the PayPal account is  Donations (OR SALES) can be made through Este Mvskokulke Momen Hopuetvke, Inc. OR for Natchez Nation projects.  Many EMMH projects are shared or augmented by the tribe.
We'd like to let everyone know that both NATCHEZ NATION AND ESTE MVSKOKULKE MOMEN HOPUETVKE, Inc. (EMMH) are very appreciative to Paul Hamel and Brad Sam for their continuing contribution(s).
We Value Your Opinion
Nominations are Open for Natchez Second/War Chief

Natchez Nation is seeking nominations for the office of Principal Second Chief (Uvcenv Cunv Vnksev/Vwete...War/Diplomacy). Traditionally he has been a person from the Bear Clan. Panther and Raccoon may be acceptable. The position warrants a great degree of consideration by the nominee because he serves for the balance of his lifetime.  See the Constitution on the last page for particulars.  He can be from any Natchez band or tribe.  Getting word to him enables any Natchez person (Tvm Nvce) to contribute to the workings of the entire Nation.  He serves on the Council of the Natchez Nation with the Principal Chief (Uvcenv Cunv Uvsel) and the Uvcenv Kwalneeshu Tenvwete, the 4 Principal Clan Mothers.  He serves in a supervisory capacity in most of our projects, sometimes he gets paid and is generally reimbursed for lengthy travel.  If we need something, he probably finds it.  If we needed a prayer, he is one who prays often.  He is worth much and generally paid little.  Hvmv Mvto for the dedication and sincerity of the previous Second Chief, Robert Riviera, hvwes, for his dedication to the Natchez and all tribal people. THERE HAVE BEEN SEVERAL NOMINATIONS for the position.  Most have been ruled-out by virtue of clan affiliation.  Please take time to discuss your choice with the prospective nominee.  WE AWAIT YOUR NOMINATIONS.

Wetv Sokonon, good day.  This is the Official Natchez Nation site.  WE'RE GLAD YOU CAME !  We assume that you came to get information and hope you find what you need while here.  We'll always do our best to give updates on events and tribal meetings.  If its not posted on these several pages, call the tribal office or email us by using any of the "Contact Us" buttons.  We likely have the answer to your questions or know of resources you can use.  We try to respond to each request.  Please feel free to search the internet for Natchez Nation, Natchezan, Poverty Point, Winterville (Kwekuvltvm[kwe], Mississippian, Adena and Hopewell cultures...that's us.  We can answer specific questions better by email or phone and will assign responses to staff and volunteers.

We continually try to make our website as interesting and colorful as we can, occasionally even changing the scheme and background colors.  We strive to give you updates as often as possible.  We also have the Natchez Nation Facebook page where language sessions and general communication with are available.  We will make appropriate changes as a matter of practice.  You can use our Galleria Page as YOUR "store."   Give us a pic and we can advertise or sell things for you.  We hope you will come back soon and often !

Natchez tribal citizenship is primarily drawn from the final rolls of the Dawes Commission and/or per our constitutional requirements.  Both the Constitution and the Citizenship Application can be found and printed in the Galleria Page by pressing the yellow tabs immediately below "contact us for information."  It will open the documents right on the same page.  

One of our most important tasks is that our people know and use our language.  We post some of the files from our several trips to the University of Oklahoma Breath of Life language workshops in a download format.  We will always have the alphabet and words or sentences to work on.  Other language files can be obtained by contacting the tribal office and are sent by email, but may not be in our own alphabet.  We are working on a TALKING Natchez Dictionary where people can search words and sentences and hear what they sound like.  The written dictionary is on the Language Page and is updated occasionally.  Take a look at it !  We have a process where you can suggest or name (new) words. For example, we don't have words for television, car or computer. JOIN US IN HELPING REVIVE DAILY USE OF OUR LANGUAGE.  Speak it daily and write it. Just call and ask if you need help.

CONSIDER A DONATION FOR MEDICINE SPRINGS CEREMONIAL GROUND.  Donations are Tax-deductable under our tribal corporation, Este Mvskokulke Momen Hopuetvke, Inc. (EMMH).  Medicine Springs (Om Tv'hv/Nuwoti) will start activities this season.  Please help in any way you are able.  We will discuss how everyone can help in council meetings and will definitely let you know!

NATCHEZ COUNCIL MEETINGS  <<<< and >>>>>  EMMH BOARD MEETINGS:   are held in conjunction with one-another quarterly: March, June, September and December; first Saturday; 1pm; Notchietown Office, and this website posting is legal notice thereof.  Sometimes there are changes due to other events.   Hvmv erhvlles - See you again !

​EMMH, Inc. offers Indian Child Welfare and other Training and Technical Assistance to Tribes and States 
More info at the our office or posted on the Galleria page
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