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Contact Nvculke Wvlt Tvluen Mvnv Pumpeyv
Below is our primary office at Notchietown, north of Gore, OK.  We are confederated with other Natchez Tribes and they are listed here for your convenience.  Each are connected by ancient agreement BUT have their own offices.  They may be contacted separately.  Please call the Notchietown office during business hours unless emergent,  someone will answer 24/7.
Notchietown Main Office
Office of the Principal Chief
Uvcenv Cunv Uvsel - Great Sun
K.T. "Hutke" Fields
PO BOX 484 
Gore (@ Notchietown), OK  74435
918-489-5244 Phone/FAX
Este Mvskokulke Momen Hopuetvke, Inc. Corporate Office
Same Address and Telephone Number

Fort Smith Office
Now accepting nominations for
Office of the Second / War Chief
Uvcenv Cunv Vnksev AND
Board Member for the tribal corporation
Este Mvskokulke Momen Hopurtvke, Inc.

The Other Natchez Tribes
State Recognized in South Carolina:

Edistos Natchez-Kusso
Office of the Chief/Cunv
Andy Spell
1125 Ridge Road
Ridgeville, SC  29472

Eastern Band Natchez
​Office of the Chief/Cunv
Steve Davis
79 Bluff Road
Columbia, SC  29201
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HOURS: Notchietown/Main Office

8 AM - 5 PM
8 AM - 5 PM
8 AM - 5 PM
8 AM - 5 PM
8 AM - 5 PM


Contact Principal Clan Mothers
for Natchez Nation
Nvculke Wvlt Tvluen Mvnv Pumpeyv
Use the form above.  Put Clan Mother's Name in the Message Window.  Add your message. 

They are:

  Sonja Lawson - Bird & Wind

  Eula Doonkeen - Alligator/Snake
  also contact for Seminole-Natchez

  Barbara Girty (with Eula for Alligator/Snake)
  also contact for Cherokee/UKB/EBCI-Natchez

  Liz Meely - Bear, Panther, Deer, Raccoon
  contact for Poarch/MCN Este Mvskoke-Natchez

  Louellen Riviera - Fire
  contact for all other and related clans/bands
Natchez Nation Offices